Why Choose us for your Koh Samui Wedding?


Background and experience

Faraway Weddings began arranging weddings on Koh Samui back in 2004 and currently organize approximately 120 weddings per year. Regular and independant feedback from our clients is readily available on our Page or on Trip Advisor, as well as the testimonials featured on our website.
The Faraway Weddings brand has evolved during this period and we have now exhibited at in the UK for five consecutive years. We attend this annual exhibition because we understand that it involves a huge leap of faith to book a wedding with what is, in effect, an internet based company, without ever meeting anyone face to face. By exhibiting at the show our aim was, and still remains, to actually meet those clients who have already booked online, or those who have been on our website but need some additional peace of mind that we really do exist. Obviously this only benefits our British clients at the moment, but this also shows other nationalities that we have some substance to the company.
The wedding industry on Koh Samui is booming and an ever increasing number of companies are offering wedding services. It’s therefore always advisable to do your research and check out the companies you are interested in, especially when you may be booking a wedding two years in advance and would like to be confident that your chosen Koh Samui wedding company will still be around.

Spectacular Sunsets

Lipa Noi Beach, on the west coast of Koh Samui, provides the stunning location for , and this beach enjoys one of the best sunset locations on Samui.

Quiet Beach Location

Lipa Noi beach has remained a relatively peaceful beach location, despite the soft white sand and sunsets, with only a handful of small resorts and private residences sharing the beach space.

Native English Speaking Wedding Planners

All of our wedding planners are native English speaking which allays any concerns over the written and spoken communication during the planning process. They are all also working legally in Thailand with appropriate work permits and visas. You wouldn’t want immigration turning up at your wedding and taking your planner or your wedding celebrant away!!

Unique Online Wedding Tools

Once a wedding date is secured you’ll have direct access to a section of our website which is specifically for you. You’ll be able to browse in detail all of the available options for the wedding such as ceremony style and set-ups, flowers, decorations, entertainment, and so on. This includes an extensive photo library to assist you in making the correct choices.

Personal Attention

Faraway Weddings will only ever arrange one wedding per day to ensure that you receive the full attention from our whole wedding team.

The Faraway Team

We have a full-time team of staff who are dedicated to take care of every part of your wedding on Koh Samui. The company controls as much as possible and only outsources in those areas which are necessary such as entertainment. We have our own floristry team; two teams of wedding staff for the wedding day, the first to arrive in the morning and take care of the setting up of everything and all the venue preparations, the second to arrive later in the afternoon and overlap with the first team throughout all elements of the wedding ceremony up until the dinner reception. When the first team leave, the second team remain to provide the service for you and your guests until the end of the night.

Value for money bar!

One of the biggest selling points for a wedding with Faraway Weddings is the very affordable bar service. There is a sliding-scale bar set-up cost, depending on how many guests you have. This cost includes the setting up of the bar, the professional bar staff, glass hire, glass collectors and glass washers, as well as all bar sundries such as ice, straws, openers etc.
You are then provided with a wholesaler’s price list. There is 5% added to this price to cover the purchase, collection and storage of the drinks and the delivery to the venue. This 5% also covers instances where an item may not be available from our usual supplier and we have to pay a little more to obtain it from elsewhere.
You and your wedding planner select the drinks that you want and the quantities required, and you pay the wholesale price inclusive of the added 5% only.
As an example of the savings: you pay 32 baht per bottle of Singha Beer. In a shop you will usually pay 38 baht per bottle. In most bars the absolute minimum you will pay is 80-100 baht and at a resort you can expect prices to start from 150-400 baht +tax and service. Therefore this represents a huge financial saving.
We do not charge any corkage on drinks brought in to the venue and actively encourage people to bring their own wine and Champagne wherever possible to avoid the heavy duties imposed in Thailand.

Food Glorious Food

We have used the same catering team for all of our Koh Samui weddings since 2004. Everything is cooked onsite at the villa and the quality and quantity is exceptional. Our Thai chefs are very talented and in 2012 our team actually cooked for the Thai Royal Family. This was on the same day as one of our weddings and so they cooked lunch for the princess before coming to The Faraway Villa to cater for our wedding reception dinner.
For western menu options our Thai chefs are supported on the wedding day by an executive chef from one of the island’s five-star resorts.

Online Gifts

Our allows you to select possible gift items for those guests attending, or those who cannot make the trip but would like to enhance your day or your honeymoon experience.
These gifts are split into four sections. The first is for actual physical gifts. This is obviously a small selection of items as the gifts you can take back with you are limited due to size and weight. The second section has gifts relating to elements of your wedding. So, for example, you may want an elephant to ride on your big day, but it exceeds your planned budget. Simply choose it as a gift and someone can buy this service for you.
The third section offers experiences which can make your stay on Koh Samui more enjoyable and memorable, such as spa treatments, tours, cooking classes, fine-dining experiences and so on. And the last section offers Faraway Wedding Gift Vouchers. These are accepted at a large number of Samui’s finest restaurants and spas, as well as some shops and services where vouchers work best. The vouchers can also be used to pay towards your wedding balance.


If you trust in Faraway Weddings to plan your wedding day then why not trust to arrange the few days or weeks after your wedding too. We have exclusive Honeymoon Packages created for our clients at a number of exceptional honeymoon hotels on Koh Samui and the surrounding islands.