Why Choose the Faraway Wedding Villa Koh Samui?

There are a number of advantages when choosing a wedding at the Faraway Villa in comparison to using a resort as a wedding venue or even other private villas.

Dedicated Venue

and this is a purposely designed wedding villa Koh Samui. It is not used for any other events and is exclusively available for weddings arranged by Faraway Weddings. With a resort or another private villa the main focus is on accommodation and therefore the available space has to be adapted to suit the needs of a wedding. This is not always an ideal or easy transformation.

Weather Back-up

Most resorts and villas on Koh Samui now make claim to be available for weddings. And, on a good day, most will offer a nice environment and can be successful in providing you with a wonderful and memorable day. However, what options are available in the event of bad weather? Koh Samui is a tropical island and as such the weather can be extreme and unpredictable. The Faraway Villa has a stylish wooden Sala, which is situated in tropical gardens and overlooking the sea and the beach. This provides an exceptionally beautiful back up option for a ceremony. The Faraway Villa also has an indoor function room, which is also beachfront and provides a relaxed ambience for dinner in the event of a rainy evening.


Privacy is often a prerequisite for a Koh Samui beach wedding. In Thailand all beaches are public and so it is not possible to ever guarantee that there will be no one else on the beach during your ceremony. This is less of a problem with the Faraway Villa or with other private villas. As long as the beach is managed during the ceremony this shouldn’t be a big issue. The beach at the Faraway Villa is relatively quiet for most of the year and during a ceremony the beach area is screened with wooden trellis and roped off all the way to the sea on both sides. Staff man the ropes and prevent passers by from walking passed you as you exchange your vows. At a resort it is often much harder to control the privacy of the ceremony due to other guests staying at the resort. Private dining can also be a problem at a resort due to other guests being entitled to the use of the resort facilities.
Most resorts and private villas will have a obligatory accommodation requirement for you and your guests. With resorts there is usually a minimum percentage of guests that are required to stay. With a private villa the bride and groom are required to hire the villa for a minimum number of days. At the Faraway Villa there is no overnight accommodation available, leaving you and your guests free to stay in any area you want and most importantly at whatever budget you can afford, without this decision having any impact on your wedding. We do have our own reservations manager who can advise and arrange accommodation for you and your guests which will specifically suit the individual needs.

No Venue Fee

Resorts rarely charge a venue fee because the guests will be staying there anyway and they are more accustomed to having events of some description. However, the vast majority of private villas, in addition to the minimum stay requirement, will also charge a venue fee. This fee tends to range between US$1,000 and US$2,000 some will also charge an event cleaning fee too. The Faraway Villa use is fully included within the Faraway Wedding package price.


Convenience is something which brides and grooms always question. For example many clients ask about staying near to the venue. Koh Samui is a small island and therefore everywhere is accessible with a relatively short journey. The Faraway Villa sits on the gorgeous Lipa Noi beach, which is peaceful and less touristy than most beaches. This is what makes it an ideal location for a wedding ceremony and reception dinner.


Having a wow-factor for you and your guests is also often high on the list of priorities. It is undeniable that some of the island’s resorts and villas excel in this area. However, if you have already been staying at that resort or that villa for a few days then even the most spectacular location will have lost some of its edge. In these cases the wedding doesn’t generate as much of an impact on the guests. To explain if you are staying and getting ready for the wedding all in one location then guests may be swimming in the pool right up until they go to get dressed and then step back outside at the last minute. With a wedding at the Faraway Villa, the guests will have to get ready earlier, and then travel together to the venue, which they will have never seen before. This often enhances the excitement and also builds a sense of occasion which is befitting for the most important day of your life.