What to wear for your Koh Samui beach wedding


We like to think that a beach wedding should be laid back and relaxed. If you’ve chosen to trade the church altar for a canopy on the sand then perhaps you might want to leave behind some of the other traditional formalities too – including the dress code. With temperatures peaking around 40°C in the dry season, it really is a good idea to consider your comfort and remember that nobody looks good when they’re pouring with sweat!


Brides often find it difficult to decide on THE ONE when it comes to the dress, so perhaps some practical advice will help. A lightweight material will help to keep cool and a looser unstructured design will allow you to move freely – it can be pretty tricky getting yourself down a beach aisle when you’re harnessed into a rigid shape! A light and floaty material looks lovely in the sea breeze – and you will be delighted to be able to feel it.

If you want to stand out and be different, you could try a short wedding dress – they are perfect for beach weddings but are not common as brides rarely dare to stray too far from the full-length fairytale gown. A short dress will show off your Thailand tan and manicured toes and even allow a paddle in the sea!

For those who just can’t decide – how about a change of dress for the reception? Have the best of both worlds by having something long and flowing for the ceremony and striking those picturesque poses and then something short, cool and cute with enough elasticity for food, drink and the wildest dance moves you can muster.


Now everyone knows how fabulous a sharp three-piece suit can look, but does it look as good when the man wearing it is dripping wet and gasping for air?!  Here at Faraway, we think a nice shirt teamed with some light trousers is smart enough for the beach.  If you’re really set on a formal look – dress it up for the ceremony itself, a waistcoat and tie is a popular choice but we highly recommend whipping them off after the photos are taken.  It is a well-appreciated tip to bring a second shirt for after sundown so you can dry off, freshen up and be looking and feeling great again before the party gets started.

Some creative thinkers have dressed in coloured shirts to add to the colour theme of the day and the most relaxed beach boys opt for shorts instead of trousers.


Girls – heels and sand are a troublesome mix!  If you definitely want the elevation, then practice your walk on a beach before the big day to smoothen out the wobbliness of your step.  Think about what will look better: staggering down the aisle or looking a little shorter.  When opting for footwear it’s all or nothing; kicking shoes off during the procession walk is messy and will get in the way of a very emotional moment for you – your final steps as you approach your groom.  Barefoot sandals are a pretty way to adorn shoeless feet and there are many styles available so you can match them to your dress.  Our reception area is a paved terrace so after the afternoon’s proceedings you can get those heels on to dance the night away without worrying about sinking backwards into the sand.

Boys – shoes and socks?  How about some light pumps or deck shoes.  There’s nothing wrong with flip flops or bare feet, we happily encourage guests to leave their footwear on the terrace.  You have chosen a beach wedding for a reason – don’t you fancy feeling the sand between your toes?

Buddhist blessings

If you are having a Buddhist blessing, show respect for the monks who perform the ceremony by keeping shoulders and knees covered.  Many brides (and some grooms) choose to bring a separate outfit completely for the Buddhist blessing and some bring a shawl or long-sleeved garment that compliments the dress.  In fact in Asia, the traditional colour for a wedding dress is red – why not embrace the opportunity to mix it up and wear something strikingly different before getting that western white wedding dress on?  The Buddhist blessing takes place at 4pm in the sala, when it is still very hot and the ceremony lasts around an hour so don’t overlook comfort.  Don’t worry, if you are opting for a Buddhist/Secular combo, there will be a scheduled break between the ceremonies for changing and freshening up.


Sunglasses during the ceremony – NO!


Sunburn ever looks good, especially against ivory.  Suncream up as soon as you arrive – strapmarks will ruin a strapless neckline.