Online Wedding Tools and Gift Registry


Wedding tools

Once your deposit is received and you have been introduced to your wedding planner, you will be given a username and password which allows access to your own section of our website. From here you will be able to browse through lots of photos and options in terms of flowers, set-ups, hair styles, entertainment options etc. This is where the excitement builds as you build a scrapbook of ideas and images and start to make selections to make your wedding extremely personal to you.

The tools contain all of the information required for you to build the wedding of your dreams but it’s not just a one way stream of information. You use the tools to provide Faraway Weddings with valuable information about your guests, such as any dietary needs, where they are staying for transport pick-ups, what table they will be on for the reception, and what their roles are in the wedding are. You can send out save the date emails, view your wedding day program as it evolves, get direct access to your wedding quote, select your drinks from our online lists, build your ceremony in the vow section, enter details on accommodation, keep up to date with the planning checklist, use the calculator to match your ideas to your budget, select menus, music, favors and everything else required to create this special day.

All of the information you put in eventually forms your final selections for your planner to provide an accurate quote and make all of the necessary bookings.

Gift Registry

In addition to these options the tools also contain and online gift registry.

When picking your gifts for the registry consider both those guests who are attending and also those who may be unable to attend your destination wedding but would really love to buy you a gift which can have an impact on the actual wedding day or your time on the island.

You have four sections from which to make your selections. The first, “Wedding Gifts” includes physical gifts for you to keep. The second, “Wedding Services” gives you the opportunity to select elements of the actual wedding which you would like to have included but may be stretching your budget too far. Why not allow the guests to help by buying you a gift which helps to complete your overall wedding day experience. The third, “Experience Gifts” allows you to choose some indulgent gifts to make your whole stay on Koh Samui, not just your wedding day, a truly unforgettable experience. And finally, “Gift Vouchers”, provide the ultimate in flexibility. The vouchers can be used by you to purchase any of the gifts in the other sections; they can be used towards a Faraway Honeymoon Experience; to pay off the wedding balance; or they are accepted at a number of the island’s finest restaurants and spas, and a few shops and services where vouchers are simply more practical than a specific gift.