Music Matters


There are obviously quite a few important moments in any wedding day but none stick in the memory of the bride and groom or the guests as much as the following five occasions where it’s all about the music.

Throughout the wedding day in general the music can play an important role, but carefully selected songs for these five moments can define you as a couple and make your destination wedding a truly memorable event.

So, here we go!

1. Picture the scene. The groom and the guests are waiting in anticipation on the beach, the sun is shining and then the music begins for the bride’s entrance. This music is so important. Firstly it means that the groom and everyone else can give a sigh of relief that the bride is actually going through with this and on her way. Secondly, the choice of song can be a catalyst for a whole plethora of emotions.

Is it a lively, fun song that the bride and bridesmaids can bounce down the aisle to? Or maybe it’s a soft slow ballad, or instrumental, to build the drama of the occasion? Is it the first song you kissed to or a song that evokes a happy memory? It is not uncommon to even choose a memorial song that reminds you of someone who isn’t able to be at your wedding. Whatever you have chosen it will certainly be a memorable moment but with a little consideration this could actually be a talking point for years to come.

The impact this song choice can have on the atmosphere is incredible and it is the perfect opportunity to really show your personality.

For the bride you also need to consider the length of the walk and the song being compatible, the tempo also plays a part to as a quicker tune can drive you along quickly and you may be with the groom before the part of the song you wanted to hear the most. A practice walk or two can sort out any of these minor issues.
If your song is too short pick a separate one for the bridesmaids to enter to, this way you don’t have to rush.
Keeping the procession song as a surprise for the groom can be fun too.

2. So, you made it to the groom and everyone was in floods of tears, from either laughter or emotion depending on your song choice. The ceremony has gone smoothly and you are about to be pronounced as husband and wife. This is where the next musical involvement can impact on your wedding day. You hear the words, “You may now kiss the bride!” and immediately the next tune kicks in.

Once again the song choice is key. This is a huge moment of celebration and it’s appropriate that the music reflects this. The recession music is therefore almost always upbeat and happy. Having everyone singing along as the champagne toast is being handed around with the confetti can be a magical moment for everyone present.

3. You may be forgiven for thinking that the important music selections are over but there are still a few to go. The next big musical moment is your entrance in to dinner. Another great opportunity to stamp your personality on proceedings. Choosing one song for the bridal party to enter to before switching to one for the bride and groom is popular and can set the tone for dinner and relax everyone, except for those required for the speeches of course!

4. Next is the cutting of the cake. People are often a little more imaginative in their song choices for this moment. It’s a great photo opportunity but also a moment where everyone is once again focusing on the bride and groom. Keep it short because the next stage is usually one you want to get out of the way!

5. And the final defining music moment comes with the FIRST DANCE!!! The dread of many a bride and groom can be made much less of an ordeal or embarrassment if you choose your music wisely. Don’t be afraid to mix things up, it’s your first dance after all so it should be a song you are comfortable moving to. Again this is a song where the length needs to be carefully considered. If you’re not a natural dancer, and let’s face it most of us aren’t, then keep it short and move on to the father-daughter, mother-son dances as quickly as possible. Another tip is to get your MC or the Best Man to push everyone else onto the dance floor once you are a minute or so into the song, or 30 seconds into it if you really do have two left feet.

It’s also worth remembering that the first dance tends to be the kick-start to the party so it doesn’t always have to be a slow romantic waltz.
So there you have five moments with which you can use music to control the mood and insert a piece of your personality into the wedding day process. In the absence of a church or registry office, where there may be certain musical restrictions, a destination wedding gives you complete freedom to express yourself, so don’t waste the opportunity. Do what you want and in the way you want it. Procession songs don’t have to be slow marching ballads, in fact a quirky folk song, a thumping rock classic and even a hardcore dance tune can be appropriate if it reflects you. And it definitely adds something a little out of the ordinary to the experience.

Richard Hartigan
General Manager
Faraway Weddings