The Faraway Villa – Koh Samui Wedding Venue

Our Private Koh Samui Wedding Venue

The Faraway Villa is and sits on the beautiful Lipa Noi beach. This peaceful beach enjoys spectacular sunsets, and is situated on the west coast of the island away from the hustle and bustle of the busier east and north coast areas.

The Faraway Villa is used as a private venue exclusively for Faraway Weddings’

It’s an idyllic beachfront venue which provides the privacy and discretion which is synonymous with a Faraway Wedding Experience.

The beach, the terrace and gardens provide an ideal tropical island backdrop as well as exceptional functionality in terms of hosting your ceremony and reception, whatever the weather.

Since acquiring the villa in 2005 Faraway Weddings has conducted annual renovations and improvements to increase the practicality of the wedding venue.

These improvements have included the removal of any overnight accommodation, leaving you and your guests to stay wherever you want and at whatever budget you have without this having any impact on the wedding day.

The bride’s room offers a dedicated dressing area with en-suite bathroom and hair-dressing and make-up stations providing a comfortable and stylish dressing area for the bridal party.

The groom also has a dedicated dressing room, which includes a bed in case anyone is not feeling well or if there are children who need a nap.

The overall concept of the Faraway Villa is to provide a stunning outdoor venue for a perfect tropical beach wedding, whilst having excellent back-up options in times of bad weather.

The wedding ceremony will usually take place on the beach, with the reception being held on the terrace. There is also a large covered sala, an outdoor bar area and a dance-floor to allow you to celebrate under the stars.

However, probably the biggest renovation has been the inclusion of an indoor function room which provides an invaluable alternative area in the event of rain, or even if you would prefer to dine in an air-conditioned comfort. This room can comfortably seat 60 people for a dinner reception.

The rest of our wedding villa is taken up by staff preparation areas, such as our floristry area and outside catering space, as the guests tend to enjoy the gardens and beach more than the wedding villa itself.

Our wedding venue also benefits from a powerful back-up generator which ensures that everything needed will work, such as lighting music, air-conditioning etc, even during a power cut.

All of the Faraway Weddings beach wedding experiences offer the day use of our , allowing time for the bridal party to arrive early and get ready in the calm and relaxed beachside atmosphere.

This unique private dedicated Samui wedding villa venue creates not only an idyllic tropical beach location for a wedding, but also practical and flexible indoor areas to ensure the smooth running of the wedding whatever the weather or the individual needs of each wedding party.