Koh Samui Wedding Packages

Faraway Weddings unique Koh Samui wedding packages

At Faraway Weddings we offer a choice of Koh Samui wedding packages and wedding ceremony options to suit your beach wedding needs and to cater to all tastes.

Each package includes all of the essential elements of the wedding with an extensive list of additional options to ensure the wedding is unique to you.

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Secular Beach Wedding

This non-religious western ceremony is the most popular wedding choice and contains enough Thai elements to make the day very special and a little different to anything previously experienced by most of the guests.

The ceremony is conducted in a relaxed and natural way befitting of a beach ceremony, but with an appropriate amount of formality. Wording chosen by the bride and groom, is blended together with recognizable wedding elements such as a vow and ring exchange as well as a symbolic sand ceremony to complete the proceedings.

Secular and Buddhist Beach Wedding

This package allows you the opportunity mix eastern and western cultures with the Secular Beach Wedding preceded by a Traditional Thai Buddhist blessing, performed by monks in the beachfront garden sala. The blessing is followed by Buddhist traditions such as planting a tree, releasing birds and a water blessing.

Once the Buddhist ceremonial activities are completed the ceremony moves onto the beach for the secular as described above.

Buddhist Beach Wedding

If the Buddhist ceremony is more important to you and you want to escape the recognizable western wedding traditions completely, then why not experience the Buddhist wedding blessing in the sala followed by photos on the beach.

Buddhist Temple Wedding

Take the Buddhist experience a little further by having the Buddhist wedding blessing performed by monks in a local Thai temple. You can then head over to the Faraway Villa for sunset beach photos and reception dinner.

Christian Beach Wedding

With this package all elements of the wedding remain the same as the secular wedding package. However, a Christian Pastor will perform the ceremony and the vows and wording have a more traditional and formal feel.

Green Beach Wedding

In an attempt to lessen the carbon footprint of a wedding this package is a variation of the secular wedding but with a few interesting twists. The biggest difference in a green wedding is that, rather than fly or transport flowers from all over Thailand and Asia for the wedding, the florists becomes a little more creative using only locally sourced items such as fruit and veg to be expertly worked and turned into stunning decorations.

Catholic Church Wedding

It is not possible to have a Catholic wedding on Koh Samui outside of the church. This package allows you to combine the importance of a catholic church ceremony with the beach location of the Faraway Villa for post wedding photos and the reception dinner.

Pawanthorn Samui Villas Secular Beach Wedding

This stunning villa estate provides a stylish and luxurious venue for a larger wedding party. Again this is a variation on a secular beach wedding but in a very contrasting environment. Luxury villas, lush garden and a beach fringed with rock formations create a photographer’s dream venue.